Local Climatological Data
Kahului, Hawaii

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature (Fahrenheit)                        
Record Average2 71.7 71.7 72.7 74 75.5 77.3 78.4 79.2 78.7 77.7 75.7 73.2
Record Max 79.9 79.9 80.8 81.9 83.6 85.4 86.2 87 87.2 86.1 83.6 81
Record Min 63.4 63.4 64.5 66.1 67.3 69.2 70.7 71.3 70.2 69.3 67.8 65.3
% of Possible
64 65 64 63 68 72 70 71 73 67 63 63
Rain (inches)
Record Average 3.5 2.72 2.64 1.76 .68 .21 .39 .43 .41 .99 2.06 3.21


"The range in normal temperature between the warmest month, August, and the coldest month, February, is 7.2 degrees.

...The contrast between the dry season, which extends from May through October, and the wet season, November through April, is quite pronounced. Major widespread rainstorms, which account for the bulk of the precipitation in the area, usually occur several times during each wet season, but are infrequent in the dry season. Approximately 50 percent of the normal annual rainfall occurs in the three months of December through February, and over 80 percent in the six months of the wet season. June is the driest month, receiving about 1 percent of the annual total. Occasionally, an entire dry season month will go by with no measurable precipitation whatever. At the other extreme, a single wet season storm sometimes contributes more than one-half the total rainfall in an individual year.
. . .
[S]urface wind at Kahului is predominately from the Northeast quadrant. The trade-wind flow is most prevalent during the dry season. Wind is more variable during the wet season although, on the average, the trades still blow more than 50 percent of the time during this period.

The normal trade winds, accentuated by the funneling effect between Haleakala and the West Maui mountains, as well as by the daytime thermally induced low pressure in the valley, often attain a speed of 40 to 45 mph at the airport, but serve to make living conditions in the nearby Kahului-Wailuku community pleasant and comfortable. Air conditioning is used in only a few business establishments and residences.

Humidity at Kahului is usually moderate to high, with wet season humidities averaging slightly higher than those in the dry season. However, due to the system of natural ventilation provided by the prevailing winds, the weather is seldom oppressive even during the warmer months of the year."


1/ This information is reproduced with permission from the 1995 Local Climatological Data Annual Summary with Comparative Data, an official publication of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

2/ "Temperature Record Average" is the sum of the "Record Max" and "Record Min" for a given month (during the period 1954-1995) divided by 2.

"Record Max"/ "Record Min" Temperature is the average of all daily max/ min temperatures for a given month during the period of record (1954-1995).

"Rain Record Average" is the average rain amount for a given month over the period 1901-1995.

"% of Possible Sunshine" are average figures for a given month calculated from data collected from 1962 through 1995.
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